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Theme Park App

UX/UI Design | Mobile | 2023 - Current

Designing a mobile app to help theme park visitors better navigate attractions and events.


Growing up in Orlando, Florida, I was often surrounded by tourists and friends who came and visited Orlando's attractions. Theme park mobile apps can help companies communicate with users while they are on-site and visualize where visitors are going to predict trends. Despite having many theme parks and attractions in Orlando, I found it frustrating when a theme park app did not have basic features, and many people around me also did not download the park app beforehand. 

For this mobile app, I researched potential theme park visitors from different demographics to understand their pain points and develop a solution to improve their theme park experience.

User Research | Wireframing | Protyping

User Research

Understanding Users

  • Based on seeing the lack of use of theme parks than expected, I wanted to create a solution that could meet user's needs. I first conducted five user interviews with past and future theme park visitors.  Keep in mind, how do we improve the experience in theme parks? How can mobile apps contribute to them?

Sample Questions
  • Have you used a theme park app in the past? 

  • What do you consider most when visiting theme parks?

  • What information or features do you look for in a theme park app?

  • Do you use the app to plan your visit, during your visit, or both?

  • What are your thoughts on the app's notifications and alerts? 

  • Based on the interviews, I have noticed a trend of users mainly using the mobile app or website for waiting times and an electronic map and not utilizing everything the app might offer. Users also become frustrated when mobile apps don't perform without solid connections. 

Defining the User

To better visualize a user journey, I created the following persona based on interview insights: Jennifer. Jennifer is a woman in her 20s who visits theme parks each year.

Feature 1: Ordering Ahead

Based on the interviews, users want to save as much time at a theme park to spend on attractions and events. The first feature I have added to the app is offering an order ahead feature with expected and real-time updates. 

I am super excited about this project and this is a WIP. Will be updated soon!

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